Tyvak provides a complete suite of in-house engineering capabilities to ensure successful nanosatellite programs. From design to launch, mission-specific capabilities include:

  • PCB Design

  • RF Design and Integration

  • Mechanical Design

  • Mission Assurance

  • Payload Assembly, Integration & Test

  • Flight Software

  • Guidance Navigation and Control

  • Mission Operations Center & Ground Software

  • Facilities

PCB Design

Tyvak has a strong electronics design and layout team allowing for fast turn-around design of customized PCBs for missions. Customers provide satellite mission requirements, and our team develops the satellite configuration and designs, fabricates, tests and integrates new boards to IPC-Class 2 or 3.

RF Design and Integration

RF Design and Integration

Tyvak has a proven history developing radios and antennas to customer specifications. Alternatively, the Endeavor platform is compatible with all commercial radios currently available or in development.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design

Tyvak tailors a reference design for each mission to accommodate payload mounting, thermal routing, deployable arrangement, aperture locations, and ease of assembly. The system allows for configuration of the solar arrays, star trackers, coarse sensors, antennas, and payload faces.

Flight Software

Flight Software

Tyvak maintains its own Linux distribution and ground operations software for all programs. Capabilities range from C&DH house-keeping and radio interfaces, to complex formation flight, rendezvous and docking algorithms.

Guidance Navigation and Control

Guidance Navigation and Control

Tyvak has a world-class GNC team providing ground-up capabilities for attitude sensing, vehicle orientation control, and propulsive operations. For development and verification, Tyvak has developed a comprehensive hardware-in-the-loop test bed allowing full mission simulations running on the attitude control hardware.

Payload Integration

Payload Assembly, Integration & Test

All payloads have unique operating requirements that can greatly impact the satellite design. Tyvak has integrated a variety of advanced optical, radio, and mechanical systems to demonstrate cutting-edge capabilities in orbit.

Mission Assurance

Mission Assurance

Core to Tyvak’s success is an innovative suite of collaborative tools and processes that provide big aerospace mission assurance with minimal overhead by tracking risk, budget, procurements, schedule, issues, inventory, requirements, and document revision control, conveniently and transparently.

Mission Operations Center & C2D2

Mission Operations Center & Ground Software

Our ground command and control software (C2D2) allows for ground control of the spacecraft during integration and test, and for on-orbit operations from our Mission Operations Center in Irvine and coordinated with remote ground sites.



Our Irvine facility features an 1,100 square-foot nanosatellite lab for engineering development and testing, and a mission operations center with roof-mounted antennas used to operate our satellites.

Custom Projects

Terran Orbital knows that the perfect harmony between materials and design is achieved with quality, that’s why we explore with innovation in sustainable elements.

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