Endeavor Platform

Tyvak designed its Endeavor products to provide cutting-edge capabilities for 3U-and-larger missions. With the current ability for 12U missions, Tyvak provides the ultimate flexibility in satellite technology.


  • High Power
  • Precision attitude knowledge and control
  • Radiation-tolerant avionics
  • High communication data rates
  • Fault handling and autonomy

PicoSat Solutions

Tyvak’s sophisticated, ultra-compact small sat platform was designed to maximize the capability of the 1U platform in order to leverage the low-power, low volume, high-performance benefits to 2U, 3U and larger satellites. This off-the-shelf solution stores data locally and has a flexible UHF system with monopole antennae for quickly downloading mission telemetry and payload data. The flight unit arrives fully assembled and tested.

Radiation Tolerance

All Tyvak nanosatellite systems feature fully radiation-tolerant platforms and avionics. The effects of radiation in the space environment can cause substantial damage to traditional hardware. Radiation hardening protects Tyvak nanosatellites from the challenges of operating reliable technology in the harsh environments of space.