12V Load Controller

The Load Controller is responsible for switching on/off the supply of power to all the modules on the spacecraft, as well as providing primary actuation for torque rods, and gathering temperture data from thermistors not otherwise part of a module.

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The 12V load controller controls the power state of most components on the spacecraft, switching power on and off from different systems as needed based on the mission phase.


Data: 1x 100 pin Samtec LSHM Power In: 1x 6pin 12V Power Out: 1x 50pin Harwin Gecko VSYS Out: 1x 50pin Harwin Gecko Therm Only Out: 1x 100pin Samtec LSHM Torque Rod Coil Out: 1x 100pin Samtec LSHM


Communicates with flight computer over UART


RS422, RS485

Dimensions (mm)

75 x 70 x 16

Total Mass (kg)