12V Max Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

The MPPT connects the Solar Arrays with the battery, making sure that energy flows smoothly into the system, and operates at peak efficiency at all times.

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Particle swarm optimization with periodic population refresh and optima degradation power point tracking algorithm Programmable Final Charge Voltage Setpoints Programmable input and output current limits Onboard temperature sensors MPPT output parallelization capable for higher power output w/ redundant ideal output


It provides solar array peak power tracking.

Supply Voltage

16V – 32V

Charging Modes

Supports both trickle and fast charge

Energy Transfer Efficiency

Up to 96% regulator and peak power tracking efficency

Solution Speed

<10s to 90% maximum power point solution



Power Transfer

10A max output

Input Voltage Range

16V – 32V


RS-422 and RS-485

Dimensions (mm)

112 x 70 x 17

Total Mass (kg)