Low Data Rate Radio (LDRR)

The LDRR provides TT&C capabilities for a mission in a compact, configurable package. Various daughtercards are added to the system to provide access to different bands and ultimate mission flexibility. On missions without a dedicated watchdog, the LDRR can be configured to accept contingency commands from the ground directly and perform limited actions to recover a system in an anomalous state.

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The LDRR includes an M0 processor that can be configured to act as a spacecraft watchdog, and can be configured to receive and decrypt contingency commands from the ground, allowing a limited amount of recovery functionality


RS422, RS485

Supply Voltage

9V to 13V

Daughter Card Configurations

UHF: 19.2 kbps, GMSK, 399-402 MHz, Rx/Tx Half Duplex S-Band Uplink: 125 kbps, BPSK, 2025-2120 MHz Rx, Simplex S-band Downlink: 125 kbps, GMSK, 2170-2300 MHz Tx, Simplex Other daughtercards available upon request


Up to 2 daughter cards supported per module

Dimensions (mm)

85 x 64 x 30

Total Mass (kg)