66V Load Controller

The Load Controller is responsible for switching on/off the supply of power to all the modules on the spacecraft, as well as providing primary actuation for torque rods, and gathering temperature data from thermistors not otherwise part of a module.

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The 66V load controller controls the vehicle power up sequency, torque rods, and bus heaters. It provides regulated and unregulated power channels for bus and payload use.


Full EMI shield over active circuits
Integrates four stacked Tyvak custom PCBAs
Designed to be integrated within a vehicle panel for direct radiator conduction
Internal heater/thermostat
Input/output energy monitoring (voltage, current, power, energy)
Internally redundant circuitry
Dual Channel Intermediate Regulated Power Outputs for bus components
Qty 19 Independently switchable and overcurrent protected unregulated 66V channels
Qty 2, independently switchable and overcurrent protected, regulated 12V, redundant channels
Qty 32 thermistor channels available for vehicle temperature instrumentation
Qty 104 state latch outputs for power up control and sequencing
QTY 3 torque rod channels supporting redundant coils and bidirectional control


Communicates with flight computer over UART

Supply Voltage

55V – 72V

Peak Power Draw

4.3 W

Power Delivery

66V rails limited to 2A.
12V rails limited to 16.5A


RS422, RS485

Dimensions (mm)

195 x 157 x 82.7

Total Mass (kg)