66V Max Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

The MPPT connects the Solar Arrays with the battery, making sure that energy flows smoothly into the system, and always operates at peak efficiency.

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Closed loop power point control maintains maximum throughput over solar array temperature, angle, shading and spacecraft load profile Full EMI shield overactive circuits Supports parallel connection of multiple MPPT outputs to support multiple independent solar arrays Designed to be integrated within a vehicle panel for direct radiator conduction Input/output energy monitoring (voltage, current, power, energy)


It provides solar array peak power tracking and automated redundant failover protection.

Supply Voltage


Charging Modes

Supports both trickle and fast charge.

Energy Transfer Efficiency

~94% energy transfer efficiency (varies as function of current and in/out)

Solution Speed

<10s to 90% maximum power point solution


2, dual redundancy on each channel

Power Transfer

Up to 330W per channel, when battery bus voltage 66V or higher

Input Voltage Range

9V – 60V; full power from 20V to 60V

Peak Power Draw



RS422, RS485

Dimensions (mm)

200 x 200 x 37.2

Total Mass (kg)