Coarse Sensor Module, Mirco

The Coarse Sensor Module integrates three important backup sensors for the ADCS system, sun sensors, magnetometers, and temperature sensors to help inform the ADCS filter. The CSM2 line also provides a built in microcontroller to alleviate processor load from the host system, and full redundancy in a single package.

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Fully sealed, spiral gasketed, mechanical enclosure for improved EMI shielding Fully redundant module in one PCBA


Data and Power: 37 pin Micro-D


RS422, RS485

Supply Voltage

9-13 V

Power Consumption


Data Rate

2 Hz

Solar Measurements

Solar incidence angle measurement range of 150° Solar angle measurement accuracy of 5°

Magnetic Measurements

1-2° compass heading accuracy

Temperature Measurements

Accuracy < ±0.5°C -40°C to +105°C

Dimensions (mm)

78.5 x 66.5 x 24.75

Total Mass (kg)