Flight Computer

The Terran Orbital Flight Computer is the brain of any spacecraft, orchestrating the activities of the spacecraft as it flies around the earth and performs its mission. Every Terran spacecraft has at least one of these modules, and sometimes two, or even three! The system is based around a hybrid FPGA/conventional processor architecture, Dual core, and was designed for expandability, with storage ‘daughter cards’ that allow the system to be tailored to the mission
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ECC options for NAND and RAM qty-75 point-to-point RS422 busses, each supporting up to 2Mb/s


RS422, RS485, Gigabit Ethernet

Supply Voltage

9 V to 13 V

Power Consumption

4.4-5.1 W


Dual Core 800MHz Zync 7030

Onboard Storage

2 GB NAND 128MB NOR (quad redundant) 1 GB RAM

Dimensions (mm)

137 x 90 x 27.28

Total Mass (kg)