Intrepid 1.5U System

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CDH System

300mW Draw
400MHz processor, 64MB RAM
512 MB NAND Flash
SD Card Slot

UHF Communications System

Tunable Frequency Range: 400-470MHz, 800-940MHz
1.2 to 200 kbps
RF Sensitivity better than -112 dbm @9.6kbps FSK
Over-temp protection

Sensors and Peripherals

3-Axis Gyro
Real Time Clock
3-Axis Magnetometer
3-Axis Accelerometer
Six Power Sensors
Three Temp Sensors

Power Generation

3 Spectrolab UTJ Cells on 4 faces

Battery Storage

18.5 Whr, Li-Ion Poly pack

Dimensions (mm)

98.6 x 94.6 x 102.5

Accepted Payload Mass (kg)

Up to 1.7 kg