SAR Digital

The SAR digital is the heart of Terran’s upcoming Synthetic Aperture Radar system.

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Intermediate Frequency analog and digital TX/RX frontend for SAR applications

Supply Voltage

10.5v to 13v

Power Consumption (W)

30 Idle / 38.4 Peak

Analog T/R Interface

8x independent receive channels and 8x coupled transmit channels

Frequency and Bandwidth (GHz/MHz)

1.16 / 300

Output Power (dBm)


Digital Interface

RX422, GigE, Aurora (for SSD data storage)

Programmable Logic

Xilinx Ultrascale+ RFSOC XCZU28DR with ARM SoC

Volatile Memory

4GB SoC memory (DDR4), 8GB RX buffer (DDR4)

Non-volatile Storage

4x selectable boot banks (512MB each), 2x data banks (256MB each) for waveform storage

Operating Temperature (°C)

0 to 55

Dimensions (mm)

223 x 221.44 x 32.76

Total Mass (kg)

1.462 ± 10%