Star Tracker (MkII), Nano

The Star Tracker is the eyes of the system and the primary external attitude reference for most systems. The Terran Star Trackers use a combination of algorithms in order to detect star fields, select the proper exposure for imaging, and provide the spacecraft with an absolute pointing reference. Multiple star Trackers in different orientations can be combined to provide even better pointing performance.

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Accepts PPS for timing external trigger for image capture. Can save raw images >99% celestial coverage Automatic post-launch calibration routines

Supply Voltage

9-13 V

Power Consumption

1.4W to 1.7W

Absolute Accuracy

10 arcseconds cross boresight RMS 100 arcseconds about boresight RMS

Maximum Slew Rate

1 degree per second

Output Solution

Up to 8Hz solutions Quaternion solutions [scalar, I, j, k] ECI J2000

Connector Options

Micro-D, Flex Connector

Pixel Dimensions

1280 x 960

Field of View

10.9 degrees by 8.2 degrees


60 degree half angle

Earth-Limb Avoidance

20 degree half angle in typical LEO orbits


NA, Produces solutions with moon in view

Dimensions (mm)

133.25 x 78.25 x 51.37

Total Mass (kg)