We Are Building The Small Satellite Constellations Of The Future


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Space-Qualified Modules & Devices


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Ongoing R&D Technology Projects


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Early Architecture Design Projects

Our Platforms

Mission Solutions for any SmallSat Constellation


Mass at Launch: Up To 25kg

Payload volume: 3U To 9U

Battery Capacity: 150Wh

Solar Array Peak Power: 40W, 60W, Or 120W


Mass at Launch: Up To 150kg

Payload volume: Up to 100kg

Battery Capacity: 320Wh

Solar Array Peak Power: Configurable 375W


Mass at Launch: Up To 400kg

Payload volume: Up to 200kg

Battery Capacity: 320 – 1320Wh

Solar Array Peak Power: Configurable 900W


Mass at Launch: Up To 500kg

Payload volume: Mission Dependent

Battery Capacity: 320 – 2640Wh

Solar Array Peak Power: Configurable 2kW

Payload Modules

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Industry-Leading CubeSat Dispensers

Standard Unit Dispensers

  • Mass: 1.57 kg
  • 3U RailPOD deployer saves considerable mass for the payload and reduces launch costs
  • Flight heritage since 2017 on multiple commercial launch vehicles.

  • Mass: 5.1 kg
  • 6U NLAS deployer and launch integration service team is the first to send CubeSats to Mars.
  • Flight heritage since 2016 on multiple commercial and US Govt/DoD launch vehicles

  • Mass: 9.3 kg
  • 12U deployer is the softest ride to orbit providing attenuation of launch vehicle environments and known vibration boundary conditions
  • Flight hardware delivered and accepted for launch in Q2 2019

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities

Roughly 120,000 SqFt of Manufacturing space
in Irvine, CA.

On-Site, high volume precision machining
in Santa Maria, CA.

Coming Soon to Florida: The world’s largest Small satellite manufacturing facility.

Testing is our Quality

Terran Orbital emphasizes the importance of risk reduction through rigorous expert analysis and on-site testing.

Incoming Inspection

Quality control of Terran Orbital’s approved vendors includes detailed inspection and acceptance testing of incoming parts. In-house inspection and test capabilities include:

  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • PCB X-Ray Inspection System
  • HASS / HALT Testing

Integrated System Testing

To ensure operation in the space environment, in-house environmental test capabilities verify system level performance without requiring the satellite to travel off-site – reducing handling and schedule risk. Capabilities include:

  • Thermal Vacuum Chambers
  • Vibration Tables
  • EMI Chambers
  • Thermal Ambient Chambers

Assembly, Integration, And Test (AI&T)

We use modern tools for issue tracking, inventory management, procedure execution, and test automation that deliver complete traceability, transparency, and comprehensive test coverage at both the sub-system and integrated system level. Reducing schedule and cost does not mean cutting corners; it means optimizing the process to improve both quality and quantity through continuous improvement.