Mission Operations

Delivering Mission Success

Terran Orbital is a full-service provider of mission operations, from pre-launch readiness through launch, and from commissioning to on-orbit operations. Our services are available to customers, whether they are using a Terran Orbital-manufactured spacecraft or one manufactured elsewhere. Years of experience matched with a state-of-the-art operations center ensure that your mission is a success.

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Our Mission Engineers design and plan constellation-level operations and communications scenarios using state-of-the-art tools, including optimized payload tasking. We deliver scalable cloud solutions for payload and mission management.

Mission Concept of Operations Creation
  • Turns an initial concept into a fully coordinated, flight-ready operations plan using prior mission experience.

End-to-End System Testing
  • Spacecraft to operator commanding, telemetry, and mission data chain checkout.
  • Flight environment creation and customization.

Radio Frequency Spectrum Licensing
  • Spacecraft and ground station licensing filings with U.S. and international regulatory institutions.

Launch & commissioning operations

Terran Orbital is a premier launch integrator of satellites for commercial and government organizations. We coordinate and secure launch operations with nearly every launch provider globally.

Launch and Early Orbit
  • 24×7 operator and support team staffing to safeguard mission success during the critical launch phases, separation, and initial contacts.

Spacecraft Bus and Payload Commissioning
  • Carry out deployment events, system functionality verification, and on-orbit testing campaigns.

On-orbit Operations

Our Mission Operations Center manages simultaneous missions. Combined with our global ground station network, we provide actionable, low-latency information to customers and end users around the clock.

Mission Tasking and Monitoring
  • Planning, scheduling, and execution of payload activities and experiments.
  • Booking of contacts on our global ground station network.
  • Continuous state-of-health monitoring and maintenance performance.

Close Approach Response
  • Burn maneuver design and execution services for collision avoidance.

Anomaly Troubleshooting and Resolution
  • 24×7 alerting and contingency response crew for unexpected failures to ensure spacecraft safety.

17 Worldwide Ground Stations

Supporting our Missions