Redefining Cybersecurity in Space: An Interview with Rivada’s Declan Ganley

Declan J. Ganley, CEO and chairman of Rivada Networks (Image Credit: Rivada Networks)

With recent advances in quantum computing, a specter looms over all electronic communications: Is any data safe in a post-quantum world?


Bold claims are made on both sides: Start-ups researching post-quantum encryption boast great progress in securing encrypted data against quantum-computing-based attacks. At the same time, quantum-computing researchers, whose real-world applications remain nascent, claim with equal self-assurance that they can still break the code.


Who is right and who’s wrong is impossible to say—the truth is that both attack and defense are in their early stages of development. But what is clear is that forward-looking communications technology companies—and their customers—have to grapple with these issues today, or risk seeing the next generation of networks rendered vulnerable or obsolete.


These considerations go double in space, where you can’t just replace a component in a rack to update your network. So we sat down with Rivada Space Networks CEO Declan Ganley to find out how the new kid on the satellite block thinks about cybersecurity and the needs of its customers.

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Source: Satellite News Network