Satellites and Defense Solutions, the conflict in Ukraine

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From GPS, television, cell service, weather monitoring, all the way to financial transactions – satellite technology is vital to modern, connected life. Yet for decades, only the world’s biggest companies and governments have been able to take advantage of satellites, due to their multibillion-dollar price tag. Still, the U.S. Space Development Agency says there will be 50,000 satellites in orbit within the next decade. Someone needs to build them. Introducing Terran Orbital, a company building the next generation of small, more affordable satellites, capable of collecting real-time earth observation data in almost any conditions. Listen in on this conversation with Cody Willard, professional hedge fund manager, former Fox News and CNBC anchor, and Wall Street Correspondent for the Tonight Show Cody Willard, Marc Bell, Terran Orbital’s co-founder and CEO, and General Roger Teague, a retired U.S. Air Force Major General, for a discussion about satellites and defense solutions and their potential impact on the conflict in Ukraine.