Nebula comes with Terran Orbital’s standard microsat EPS architecture and builds on the entire product line of satellite buses and common modules for avionics and GNC algorithms. The reaction wheels on this platform have been sized to allow the spacecraft to maintain agility, and the bus is designed from the ground up to be compatible with rideshare requirements.

Nebula supports commercially available custom payloads, and easily accommodates those with odd shapes. It includes a propulsion system ideal for phasing a constellation into its mission orbit, station keeping, and disposal. The previous-generation Nebula bus, called Zuma, was used to fulfill the bus requirement for the Space Development Agency’s Tranche 0 Transport Layer.

Terran Orbital employs top-of-the-line automation and modern manufacturing processes to support the delivery of hundreds of buses annually. From order to launch, in quantities from one to a constellation of one hundred, Terran Orbital accelerates the delivery of mission solutions.

Key beneftis

  • Flexible launch configuration on 15” ESPA or 24″ ESPA Grande (or equivalent)
  • Optional Type 1 encryption (DoD/Intel)
  • Open deck plan allows for easy accommodation of oddly shaped payloads

Baseline Modules Included

  • Flight Computers (2)
  • Watchdog
  • Backplane
  • 66V Battery Modules (8-12)
  • 66V MPPT (2)
  • 66V Load Controller
  • 28V High Power
  • Point of Load (varies)
  • 28V Low Power
  • Point of Loads (varies)
  • Coarse Sensors (4)
  • Gyro Assembly
  • Star Trackers (3)
  • GPS (2)
  • Magnetorquers (3)
  • Reaction Wheels (4)
  • LDRR (2)
  • MDR (2)


Configuration ESPA or ESPA Grande
Applications LEO
Native Orbits 400km - 1200km
Launch Mass (Wet)* Up to 250kg
Available Payload Mass Up to 130kg
Max Solar Array Power
3rd-party solar array included
Redundancy Dual-string
Power System 66V system power
28V, 12V, 9V rails available for payload
Communication Data Rate S-band: 125 Kbps uplink
2 Mbps downlink
X-band: 650 Mbps downlink
Propulsion 2150s hall effect standard
options available
Thrust 1.1 mN
Dimensions without Solar Panels 82cm x 58cm x 39cm
Pointing Accuracy 10 to 50 arcseconds
higher accuracy available

* maximum mass may not be supported on all launch vehicles or with all deployers

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