TORINO, ITALY, December 11, 2019 

Tyvak International is pleased to announce their COMMTRAIL 3U nanosatellite for Elbit Systems successfully deployed into low Earth orbit from the Indian Space Research Organization’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) C48. This on-orbit technology demonstration mission will detect various types of distress signals, including SMS and audio messages, to enable future search and rescue missions.

Equipped with dedicated UHF radio technology and a customized, deployable helix antenna, the machine-to-machine communication spacecraft is designed to acquire signals from ground terminals and downlink them to ground stations.  Tyvak International manufactured, integrated and tested COMMTRAIL in their headquarter in Torino, Italy, from where the team also manages mission operations.

Media contact:

Max Kiejdan
Terran Orbital Corporation
(949) 344-5886