IRVINE, Calif., (Jan. 14, 2020) – Tyvak is pleased to announce their latest 6U nanosatellite, Tyvak-0129, which launched on PSLV C48 in December, has achieved mission success. Tyvak’s on-orbit technology demonstration mission marks the inaugural flight of Tyvak’s next-generation spacecraft systems, which performed beyond expectations.

Tyvak-0129 consists of 32 next-generation spacecraft subsystems, designed and qualified by Tyvak, based on proven design heritage. The paradigm-changing technologies include communications, control, power, and computer processing systems. All the vehicle’s subsystems, from reaction wheels to rad-hard watchdog, possess levels of autonomy and machine intelligence never before put into space. These technologies serve as the foundation for all future Tyvak missions, enabling Tyvak’s customers to achieve their mission objectives with flexible and scalable space-qualified systems.

The modular design of Tyvak’s new nano- and microsatellite platforms allows spacecraft to be configured and manufactured in a few months for missions from 10 kg to 290 kg.

“Our next-generation technologies are the result of advancements and investments made throughout multiple iterations of our spacecraft subsystems over the past six years,” said Anthony Previte, Tyvak’s CEO.

“Tyvak-0129 is a prime example of how our agile mission principles guide everything we do. With the successful on-orbit demonstration behind us, we now commence the large-scale production of these subsystems in our state-of-the-art facilities using our proven quality assurance processes.”

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