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Why NASA Wants to Go Back to the Moon

Artemis 1 will mark the inaugural launch of a 32-story rocket called the Space Launch System, topped by the Orion space capsule. The capsule will fly within 62 miles of the lunar surface, while deploying small spacecraft for research on—and beyond—the moon. Although this first flight will be uncrewed, others with astronauts will follow in the coming years, and Orion is capable of carrying humans farther than any spacecraft has ever flown before.

Views from Space: Satellite Tech

Episode 2 of TerranOrbital’s new Views from Space series airs today, July 20 at 3pm ET on Public Live! Terran Orbital Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO Marc bell

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Kongsberg Satellite Services is providing ground network support for the Lunar InfraRed Imaging (LunIR) mission with ground stations in Punta Arenas, Chile, Svalbard, Norway, and Antarctica’s Troll station.
Morgan Stanley’s Space Team projects the flourishing $350 billion global space industry could triple by 2040, topping the $1 trillion plateau. And Brevard County's expanding space and aerospace sectors may just be warming up their engines, said Brian Baluta, vice president of communications and partner relations for the Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast.
Marc is the Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Terran Orbital. Terran has been primarily manufacturing satellites for others for the past 9 years but has an aggressive plan to take on Planet and others in the race for Earth Observation services.
We have all heard criticisms of the “revolving door” of senior military generals retiring and finding employment outside of government, but what is often overlooked is their burning desire to continue to make a difference. Even tough-as-nails officers get misty-eyed at their retirement ceremonies, because they know the gravity of their commitment and the honor it is to lead thousands of young men and women dedicated to defending our country against its enemies.